Thursday, 5 June 2014

Ireland has a water shortage

According to the new state body that is taking over the country’s water supplies.  When the economy dictated that the country should save, all the politicians, bureaucrats and profiteers came together to see how the country could not save, but lay their hands on more.  One of the solutions was to spend hundreds of millions of euro on installing water meters to more than 1 million households that the country so far had not needed, and could have done well without.   Not only that, but since Ireland’s closest neighbour was the one with experience in installing these meters, most of the contracts event there, not even benefiting the local economy.  And have you ever thought of the standards of the installation of these water meters.  It will cost the new quango extra to have it done well, but they will benefit economically if there is a leek on your side of the meter.  There is a lot of talk about how you should fix your dripping taps, but a drip a few feet underground will never be discovered and can easily eat up your measly “free” allowance.

Metered water will lead to a colossal additional private outlay on all sorts of water collecting devices for the less efficient individual collection of rainwater.  A reduced use of water for example for toilet flushing which will lead to more clogged sewage pipes because there is still the same amount of unmentionables and paper to flush away but less water to do it with.

And the new quango  (same as the old quango Board Gais) has already forecasted that it needs to spend untold hundreds of millions on new water projects.  It’s easy to hide some big bonuses to the top brass among a billion Euro of projects.  Percentage-wise the outlay on performance bonuses will be so “insignificant”

 I specially feel sorry for all them that has already had to pay for their own water treatment plants in the community, had them roughly expropriated by the state and now is expected to pay for the water all over again.

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